Verner | Crash of the Web Era | QST04



A1 – L’inizio
A2 – Upset
A3 – Crash of the Web Era
A4 – The Motion Pictures
B1 – Tecladista

B2 – Area
B3 – Late Night Job

Release Info:

After three major releases by Tell, Nachtbraker and S3A, it's now time to debut Italian artist Verner to round off our beloved Trophy Quartet.

This Milanese keys virtuoso is ready to blow your mind with this eccentric yet humble EP, taking you on a sincere emotional journey. Long stretched pads, playful chord progressions, organic percussion all produced with analog 70’s and 80’s vintage synthesizers and drum computers in Verner’s studio reminding us of a style reminiscent of Harvey Sutherland and Nu Guinea. We’re talking groove, funk, jazz but also house and soundtrack-style composition which together form a very complete record carefully A&R’d by Nachtbraker.

Drop the needle on the A side and you’ll start off with L’inizio which is a majestic piece of synthwork. Hurdling through different emotions and feelings, this could easily be the intro of one of your favourite 80’s TV
series. Upset then takes you on a happy, groovy tour whilst Crash of the Web Era and The Motion
Pictures take us on a trippy and ambient voyage that is hard to wake up from.

When flipping the record to the B side, Verner is stepping back into groove and funk with Tecladista, arguably the dance floor ready hit of this debut EP. Starting of with again a majestic synth intro, Area drops into a festive funk and jazz bomb with some intricate synth work treating us to some lovely solos. Closing this versatile EP is Late Night Job, a deep, deep tune with a thriving baseline and mesmerising synths.

We suggest to don’t sleep on this one and have a listen to this piece of art by the very talented Verner...

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