Urulu & Steve Huerta | Things I Didnt Mean EP (Coloured Vinyl)



Again, we have two very talented new faces on Dirt Crew who have crafted a beauty of a record! Urulu is a Los Angeles native who is most known for his work on Exploited, where he delivered some serious club tracks last year. More recently he released a great EP on his own label, Amadeus, and created a remix for Jessie Ware that has received wide praise as of late. Steve Huerta, also from LA, released some great music on Amadeus in 2012. His latest EP with Prince Club has been one of our favorites to play in every set. We are extremely happy to have these four amazing original tracks. To top it off, we asked The Revenge to do a remix. The result is a deep techy track with an amazing bass-line, well suited for the dance-floor. 

The vinyl release includes three originals & The Revenge remix. The digital release will include the fourth original, a digital exclusive entitled 'Possessions'.

** Free digital download of full release as MP3, link emailed with order confirmation **

** All taxes included in product price. **

** If you have any questions regarding your order, email us at shop@dirtcrew.net **

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