THOMMYY RA & Simonn | Lost Journey EP | Night Tide



A1 - THOMMYY RA - Journey Into Nowhere
A2 - THOMMYY RA - Die Darling Die
A3 - THOMMYY RA - Razzy Moon
B1 - Simonn - Unknown Habits
B2 - Simonn - Lost in Progress

B3 - Simonn - Raw and Unbleached

Night Tide’s sophomore release welcomes two new names to the family. THOMMYY RA and Simonn bring us the “Lost Journey” EP, a 6 tracker of analogue laden esoteric house.

On the A, we have THOMMYY RA, label boss at Nasty Habits Tape Cltr and prone to a bi-annual name change, he contributed the silty SETH NK remix of Eluize’s “Up All Night” on our label’s debut record earlier this year. He opens with “Journey Into Nowhere”, an eerie, coasting, synth drenched opus propelled by throbbing percussion and rippling leads, follows with “Die Darling Die” a 90s touched, left of centre house cut, complete with a skipping kick and playfully nostalgic horn, and wraps the side with creepy, deep and groove heavy “Razzy Moon”.

On the B, we introduce Simonn for his first excursion on wax. "Unknown Habits" is a straight up, tried-and-tested party piece, its vibrant chords pulse amongst thumping drums issuing an undeniable call to the floor. He then turns his hand to something more aquatic, amphibious pads swell in “Lost In Progress” while layering percussion build before erupting into a euphoric break beat. Finally, “Raw and Unbleached” is a delicate arpeggio outing, melodic ideas tumble and burst over one another, it’s light and dreamy yet gritty, innocence in sound.

Photograph by Christophe Mauberqué.

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