Nachtbraker | Small Towel People | QST02



Track list:
A   Small Towel People
B1 Kippendijen
B2 Zomaar

Release Info:
Label boss Nachtbraker is finally making his solo debut on Quartet Series after a successful EP last year on Heist Recordings. Widely known for exploring different sounds and angles with his productions, this record is the most club-orientated to date. Intricate ghetto house with a slight French touch to straight up 4x4 with a pinch of jacking flavour would be an accurate description of this release. The use of 90’s hip hop samples within this auditory concoction successfully highlights Nachtbraker’s excellent ear for detail and penchant for exciting, eclectic and downright weird changeovers.

The main hitter taking over the full A side is the title track “Small Towel People”. An uplifting bass line accompanied by heated 909 percussion and a hypnotic thriving arp to seal the deal. On the flipside, you’ll find “Kippendijen” on the B1. A heavyweight in the house category, some glimpses of early days jacking house and a little French touch on the filter. Throw in a breakdown even Houdini wouldn’t be able to handle and you’ll find yourself putting this track on repeat. Then when the needle hits the B2 groove, “Zomaar” kicks off with an energetic mpc style breakbeat before morphing into a deep jam of lush chords and a thrusting 4x4 beat. The track closes after switching back to the first part of the record and ends in a sublimely deep and dubby breakbeat.

Nachtbraker will be keeping you comfortably awake with this spicy record. Enjoy!

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