Felix Leifur | The Sunday Club EP **Last Copies!**



Track list:
A1 – Berg Toppur
A2 – Giving
B1 – The Sunday Club
B2 – Berg Toppur (Hidden Spheres „Rocky Top“ Remix)
Digi Only – Wait

Introducing Felix Leifur, Dirt Crew’s latest discovery, an all new, raw and savvy talent from Reykjavík, Iceland. Reykjavík has a population of just over 120,000, so the disco, hip hop and soul sampling, house music community that Felix rolls with is pretty tight knit, giving him a unique and inspired perspective on the sound. Remixing is friend of the label, Manchester’s Hidden Spheres. After breaking through on our ‘Deep Love 10’ compilation, he went on to drop his ‘Waiting’ EP last summer on ‘Distant Hawaii’ (the dreamy offshoot of ‘Lobster Theremin’).
On the A, ‘Berg Toppur’, is a dance floor workout, a sublime balance of shimmering rhodes and vibrant arps with slamming organic percussion. ‘Giving’ is a spirited and warbling cut, crooning vocals and gritty horn blasts punctuate it’s steady groove and loose live clap. This one’s got open air written all over it.
On the B-side, ‘The Sunday Club’ is a eclectic and somewhat eccentric jam, samples from across decades, weave together to create something altogether new. Next up, Hidden Spheres’ “Rocky Top” remix of ‘Berg Toppur’ eases in with a casual vibe, steamy drums, and a no-nonsense bass line set the pace, while the arps and elated vocals from the original sweep and soar, building to a feverish peak of sun-scorched bliss. Finally, ’Wait’ sets the mood with a dusty jazz piano refrain and a strutting groove, before bringing the playful yet punchy trip home with a solid head-nodding bass line.
Felix Leifur’s diverse ear and distinct style gives ‘The Sunday Club’ EP the perfect blend of breezy summertime spirit and serious night club heat.

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