Dampé | Peach Shuffle EP



A1.  Peach Shuffle
A2.  St James' Road
A2.  Move Me Ft. Laura Steel

B1.  Peach Shuffle (Nebraska Remix)
B2.  Carn Ft. SMBD
B3.  Zongo Junction, At Night

We are very excited to present you this new signing and debut EP by Dampé. A studio and live project from South East London. Since moving to the city, Dampé has been intimately involved in its club culture – from running warehouse spaces and booking venues to DJing and performing in groups across the city and Europe, under a slew of different aliases.

The music is made on a boat on the Thames and is a combination of dusty analogue gear, live instrumentation, and samples. For Dampé, influential parties were “Co-Op, FWD>>” and “You're A Melody” and echoes of those dances can almost be felt in the sound. Across five original tracks, the EP explores weirder and worldlier ends of house music, all with a nod to undeniably UK sounds.

“Peach Shuffle” is a made-for-the-floor, broken beat work-out that has this great warped and chopped Persian vocal sample giving the track a unique and world-wide touch, followed by “St James’ Road”, a crunchy live Rhodes jam and ode to a favourite street south of the river. “Move Me” is all garage-infused vocal loops and singing bowls and acts as an experiment-come-DJ tool. “Carn” is a super-swung hip hop beat featuring “SMBD” aka “Simbad” providing additional keys. Closing out with “Zongo Junction, At Night”, a late night roller with material pieced together from saturated CR 78 samples and field recordings made when Dampé was recording sound for a film about witchcraft and the internet across rural Ghana.

To round up this exciting EP we ask a fellow SE London enthusiast “Nebraska” to make a remix of the title track “Peach Shuffle”. Cutting up the vocal of the original, adding some mean bass and pouring a smooth “dance floor” sauce over it. The delicious end result is something we are very proud off and we hope you will enjoy as much as we do!

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