Cashminus | 生命还存在意义吗?


CSHMNS1201 **Vinyl Only!**

Track list:

A1 Atlandwehr
A2 La Foire
A3 De Vlasmarkt

B1 生命还存在意义吗? (featuring Cora)
B2 生命还存在意义吗? (Cornelius Doctor Blackmarket Mix)

B3 生命还存在意义吗? (Corapella)

Release Info:

“Sometimes you wake up and you’ve just lost the plot. Is life great or is it not? Should I eat more fruit? Is buying diamonds rude?” Ca$hminus are asking all the wrong questions. After their debut on Bordello A Parigi last year and a recent appearance on Credit 00’s Rat Life imprint, the Belgo-Australiana duo unleash a collection of their wildest works to date. The package opens with “Atlandwehr”, a jaunting affair that could have risen from the filthy Berlin Landwehr canal, only to dissolve again after six frenzied minutes, leaving nothing but a trace of bubbles on the skanky surface. The gritty “La Foire”, a grimy take on Belgian new beat, fuses raw, stepping drums with a playfully gnarly synth line. Luckily “De Vlasmarkt” is lurking around the corner: this is the awkwardly joyous soundtrack to an annual phenomenon in Ghent, where young and old folks gather on the “Vlasmarkt” square after a heavy night of boozing, to collectively gaze at at the sun coming up whilst drinking Irish coffees until they drop. G-funk meets electro on the flipside, where Cora from Chengdu showcases her vocal swag on “生命还存在意义吗?” to a backdrop of supreme subbass and rattling beats. Man of the moment Cornelius Doctor of HARD FIST fame (the adventurous imprint he runs with Tushen Rai) delivers a beast of a rework that both hypnotizes and elevates. The acapella leaves you in charge of your own destiny.

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