Ben La Desh | Stellar Talk EP

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Ben La Desh drops his follow up to the very successful “Midnight Rendez-Vous EP” from 2012. Back than this was his debut on Dirt Crew and it gave him great recognition in the Deep House scene. Since that first release he has done proper work on labels such as “Sleazy Beats Black Ops”, “Outernational”, “Young Adults” and most recently on the great “Delusions of Grandeur” with his remix for “6th Borough Project”.

In this 4 track EP Ben La Desh digs even deeper in his universe of moody House. Taking the tempo down and making the grooves tight and driving. The pace is set with the first track of the EP “Stellar Talk” that evolves around a great pumping bass line and wide atmospheric textures with hints to some Disco and even 80’s sounds.

The second track “Whiplash” is a much darker affair, for us one of the most interesting tracks Ben La Desh has produced to date… it winds and twirls around a phased sound that places the whole mood of the track in a spacey almost sci-fi movie scenery.

The third offering is the shiny “Moon Swing” that picks up the tempo again and is a real dance floor joint much like “Stellar Talk” it continues with great sampling and atmospheric “Vangelis” like soundscapes.

The last track of this EP is the ultra slow and sexy “Call Her”. Absolutely the highlight for us on this great record. With it’s slow beat and the Hip Hop style break beat and cowbell thing going on this is a real slow burner for those lazy summer afternoons… Chilin’ on a groovy Tip.

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