BAL 5000 | For Kid Caprice EP | S P I E L

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Track list:

A1 – For Kid Caprice
A2 – Dub Version
B1 – Farewell My Lovely
B2 – Wake Up! It’s Monday!
Digi - Cop
Our fresh outing ‘For Kid Caprice’ EP sees another new face join the Dirt Crew/ SPIEL family. Our latest artist discovery is BAL 5000 out of Budapest, Hungary. Coming from a diverse genre background, his sound ranges from disco to techno, tastefully touched with indie and Balearic.
The title track, ’For Kid Caprice’ heralds a soulful bass line, easy house stabs, light hearted keys, gently swung percussion and sparkling disco licks, this one’s a soundtrack for traversing the cosmos or blissfully swaying on a dance floor. ‘Dub Version’ steps the energy up a notch. With its growling lead and steady lathered groove this one is wide and warm.
On the B-side, ‘Farewell My Lovely’ is melancholic yet uplifting, eerie synths sing over positive key hits and its lithe melodic lines playfully interact with the rolling bass giving this one a live synth-pop feel. ‘Wake Up! Its Monday!’ is bouncing and joyous with a chunky bass at it’s core. A queasy lead wraps around the central ideas while rising arpeggios elevate the mood. Finally, as digital only track, ‘Cop’ is a pumping straight forward house jam brightened with classic disco elements. Boasting a self assured bass and gritty rumbling analogue synths, this one is right at home under the lights.

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