25 Places | Party in the Hills EP



A1  Party in the Hills
A2 Closing Title Song
B1 Closing Title Song ( Laurence Guy Remix )
B2 Backyard Stories

Rotterdam based 25 Places are back on Dirt Crew with a bang! since their “Love More” release in 2015 the boys have been hard at work and have just released an EP for Chez Damier on his “Prescription Records” sub label “Balance”.

The bounce begins with “Party In The Hills” hosting a huge kick, loopy Rhodes, squelching bass, Ragga flavoured vocal and squeaky lead, it’s straight up good times right from the get go. An infectious groove on this one! “Closing Title Song” heads into deep soaring territory, it’s forward house beat and pulsing synth lead intertwine with loose tropical percussion and a rhapsodic horn hook.

On the flip we have Laurence Guy who does not really need an introduction anymore, the man has been all over the place since this years releases on “Cin Cin”, “Outplay” and the imminent “Church” where he dropped two big EP’s “Bamboo” and “Kojak”. Here he takes on the soulful deep Chicago House of 25 Places and turns it into a 90’s breakbeat acid galore of ecstasy tingled UK House.

25 Places wrap up the rave session with “Backyard Stories”, a raw and bouncing, bass face inducing jam. Uplifting and dirty in one stroke, its thumping kick and feverous melodies make it impossible not to move.

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