Shipping and Packaging Costs.

** Free Worldwide shipping on all orders over 50,- Euros !! **

Germany Vinyl/ Merch       - 3,95 - Up to 25 Kg. (with tracking code) - DPD

Germany CD/ Merch         - 1,55 - (1-2 CD/ Merch up to 0.5 Kg.)

World 1-2 Vinyl/ Merch     - 3,95 - Up to 0.5 Kg. (without tracking code)
World 1-2 Vinyl/ Merch     - 5,95 - Up to 0.5 Kg. (with tracking code) *Recommended*

World 3-5 Vinyl/ Merch    - 7,95 - Up to 2 Kg. (with tracking code)                                

World CD/ Merch             - 1,95 - (1-2 CD/ Merch up to 0.5 Kg.)

Delivery time estimates:
1-3 working days for delivery in Germany.
3-10 working days for delivery abroad.

** Please Note that delivery to one of these areas could sometimes take up to 4-6 weeks! Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Africa, Russia, Mexico & South America. Thank you for your Patience! **

** Please Note if you choose to ship without tracking code we are unable to trace down the package if the shipping time is delayed or the package is lost, it will be at your own risk. We always recommend to choose shipping with tracking. **

** We cannot accept responsibility for parcels damaged during shipping. Risk of loss and damage is passed on to you once the parcel is in the possession of the postal service or courier. If parcels go missing or are returned to us as unclaimed – because the address you provided was incorrect or inaccessible, or because you didn't collect the parcel from a delivery depot in time – additional payment will be required to arrange a second shipping. If we notice the address is incomplete before shipping, we'll do what we can to contact you for the full address. **

For any shipping inquiries, please drop us an email at