V/A - QS003 (Tell, Darko Kustura, Loz Goddard, Bal 5000) **Last Copy**


QS003 (180 Gr.)

Track list:

A1 – Tell – Hope Springs Eternal
A2 – Darko Kustura – Messier Object
B1 – Loz Goddard – Home
B2 – BAL 5000 – The Acid Is Mine But I Share

Release Info:

The ring master’s voice booms through the arena’s speakers. “Ladies and Vagabonds. Round Three just kicked off and both teams seem bent on wrapping this up with brute force. The Good Guys seem to be cornering their malevolent adversaries there, but wait! a swift jab to the jaw and Team Decent hits the canvas...

Rising talent Tell (Beat-x-Changers, Banoffee Pies) from Paris handles the opening play for the Good Guys on the third missive of the fledgling Quartet Series imprint. Tell seems to confirm Paris is rapidly reclaiming its former status as a hotbed for raw and moody house music by offering up a delectable blend of lavish chords, distorted sounds and melancholic vocals. Darko Kustura (Pole Jam, What’s in the Box) throws in some additional punches for the Good Guys. The Croation beatsmith might not be the most prolific but made a name for himself with an amazing ep on Legendary Sound Research under his Teleskop moniker and treats the crowd to a wobbling groovy baseline and sugary sweet chords.

Being Bad can be a good thing sometimes as well. The dark side has cookies, after all. Mancunian Loz Goddard (Dirt Crew, Outplay, Razor-n-Tape) steps out of his comfort zone and delivers a sonic uppercut with a mad piece of swinging acid. Accompanying him on the team is our Hungarian BAL 5000 (SPIEL) who flexes his acid muscle to disorientate and a dubby bass to sedate. The acid is his, but he’s willing to share.

All in all we’ll have a very interesting fight ahead of us. DING DING!

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