Jun Kamoda Spotify Selections. September 28, 2017 12:16

We updated our playlist with 10 new songs selected by Jun Kamoda

"Inspirations for painting and drawing"->

Scott Xylo! / Circuits of Eden -  I could see a floating water in this tune.
Boya / That’s US - It's like an old movie
HNNY / 9.15  - I think his music is as with someone’s photo album.
Aphex Twin / Balsam - Best Aphex Twin track for me.
Vince Guaraldi / Linus and Lucy - Sometimes I need this mood which this song shows.
Chilly Gonzales / Rideaux lunaires - When I've been tired for painting, I have listened this.
Bicep / Opal - How beautiful layer of the color this song has!
Photay / Monday (feat. Photey) - I like that song's color chart.
Paradis / Recto Verso (Mall Grab Remix) - House music is so good for painting.
Skalpel / Sculpture  - Very stunning beauty.